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We launched this site a couple of years ago, believing that the work from the iphonic art community was so powerful that it would just sell itself.

We were wrong!

While we have made a few sales over time, nothing really happened on the scale we had hoped. It became clear, some time ago, that, to sell, art, one should be an art dealer with a rolodex (what a quaint term) full of eager collectors to call. We were not that person.

So we are going to move the P1xels—The Art of the iPhone website, which has been at for over four years to this domain,, when the new site goes live.

We are, of course, researching other means to create income streams for all of the artists of P1xels. We will still offer prints in some form at some point, perhaps in signed and unsigned editions.

In any case, we hope to have the all new amazing P1xels—The Art of the iPhone site, with the original 22,000 published pictures, back up soon, here.

New Artist Services Coming Very Soon

I am about to announce a few services for artists, galleries, and museums:

  • One-on-one consultation and portfolio review
  • Classes in iphone photography, aka iphonic art and/or iphoneography.
  • Representation for individual images and/or a body of work as limited edition signed prints licensing
  • Written reviews of artist portfolios by professional art writers, for use on websites, blogs, C.V.’s.
  • Curation services
  • Technical consultation

I have been planning and developing these services for some time. Details shortly.



Max T. Frame Speaks

Max T. Frame

This interview first appeared on Pixels—The Art of the iPhone on December 30, 2011.

It was one year and one day ago that Max T. Frame submitted his first picture to Pixels. Entitled “My Wife”— a lovely Warholian quadtych in flesh tones and vibrant spot color. It shared many of the inviting characteristics common of the work that would follow: warmth, color, sensuality, beauty.

It was the fifth picture he submitted that began to define his oeuvre: the female nude. He submitted four or five in a row, each more striking than the last. His work was at once bold, playful, sexy and all of his pictures conveyed an intelligence behind the “lens” of the iphone. Flesh tones and textures beautifully rendered, overlaid with geometric forms, a play of light and shadow in a celebration of pure feminine beauty and power. This was a man who respected and loved women and the timeless mystery they embody: that was obvious to me from the first.

He interspersed his nudes with some wonderful street photography, often humorous, sometimes strangely tragic, still informed with his characteristic intelligence and warmth.

I’ve shared a correspondence with Max and it has been a joy getting to know him. He is one of the artists who make Pixels what it is and I am grateful for his sharing of his works and, now, his thoughts and story.

A lawyer (who would have thought?!), Max was one of the first Pixels’ artists to enter into a formal agreement for representation and we are very happy that his beautiful works are now available in exquisite archival editions at P1xels—The Fine Art of the iPhone.

Before we get to Max’s great interview, I’d like to thank Kimberly Post Rowe for her interview as featured artist and her ongoing contributions to Pixels.

KB: Please tell us a little about yourself – where you live, if you hail from Earth, anything like that. Whatever you feel like sharing that isn’t covered in the questions below.

MTF: I am a forty year old Juris Doctor, whose parents wanted to become a brilliant lawyer, and has instead decided to dedicate his own life only to what he loves and to the people he loves. That’s how I took care of my parents until the end and now I dedicate myself wholeheartedly to my beautiful wife and my wonderful eight year old daughter.

With my wife we met at law school, but the art was a necessity for us and our lives have undergone a small revolution. Today she is a painter inspired and volcanic, I think I’m a very lucky man!

We live on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia, we are a little on the edge of the western world and all in all we like it. I am not one who shares his images easily and have habits rather discreet but the enthusiasm of Knox dragged me into this adventure making me to leave for a while my hermitage. I try to keep up even if it is not always simple for me use so many words, whereas I speak little, and preferably with the images.

In photography as in life I try to keep everything as simple as possible. (more…)

First Prints For First Order

I just got the prints back from our first order on the site. Thank you, Michele Reiner. I am mailing the prints to the artists around the world so that they may sign and number the prints. Electric Works does the most amazing work. I’ve used them before. The papers they use are exquisite and their printing and attention to detail and color impeccable.

Very excited about this new venture. Congratulations to the artists whose work Michele chose for our maiden order.

Welcome To P1xels—The Fine Art of the iPhone

Welcome to P1xels—The Fine Art of the iPhone.

As I write this, I await word from my good friend and expert technical/design guy, Gustavo Lanzas (whose link to his design site is in the footer), that we are ready to launch the site officially.

P1xels—The Fine Art of the iPhone is nothing more than a manifestation of my belief that iphoneography is new artistic medium, the first to appear in several decades as far as I am concerned, and that the work of many of the dedicated artists in the medium deserve their rightful place in the world of fine, serious, beautiful art.

And beauty is the key here. Unencumbered by the dogma and theory and commodification of modern art and photography, the works here explode with life, vibrancy and truth as the artists capture and manipulate these ephemeral moments of reality.

As Ambrose Bierce once remarked “Beauty so difficult.”

I am certain you will find much beauty here on P1xels.

Thank you for joining us.


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